When you look good, you feel good! Literally my motto in life! I love to make people look good so they feel like their best self no matter what life throws at you. You'll always get positivity and excitement when you sit in one of my many chairs and I can get my hands in your hair.

Hair styling is my ultimate passion from swept up romantic bridal styles to heavily sculpted editorial looks seen on New York Runways and in Vogue. 

Because of my love for these areas of my industry you can find me behind the chair doing an updo or bride trial in my suite in my small hometown or on-location at a wedding venue glamming up some gorgeous ladies for their best friends big day! I also get to hang out with some pretty awesome hairstylists while educating for amika: an insanely great product line or on-set creating some huge over the top hair.

How ceh Came to Be

Callie Elizabeth Hair was born years ago but not realized until Spring 2020. In the midst of what we now know as "the pandemic" Callie decided to take a chance and throw all her focus into growing rebranding into CEH. She made the hard decision to step away from her clients at her salon Embellish Beauty Parlour and now she focuses on hairstyling and growing a team of like-minded styling & beauty experts for the most special events in your life.

Callie Elizabeth Hair LLC 2020

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