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Honestly, everyone! Whether you are wanting to add volume because your hair may be thin or thinning or you want the glamorous long hair you've always dreamed of extensions are always a great choice! 

They can also help your hair hold a curl if your natural hair doesn't. 

I am trained in Habit Hand-tied Extensions and Natural Beaded Row with many more coming in the future. I really strive to have a well rounded education when it comes to extensions.

 I customized the installation method to each individual guest and take into account their lifestyle, maintenance schedule, hair needs and goals.

That is the ultimate goal however, extension hair is very costly so while I am building my stock for replacement hair and new installs I will custom match you at your initial consultation and order your hair then. 

If you want to change out some pieces I will special order it or use what I do have in stock. 

There are so many extension methods out there and so many stylist that do each method. You would have to fill out a new guest extension inquiry and go through a consultation so I can learn about your hair. Some of the time it will be required you purchase new hair from me depending on the condition and kind of hair you already have.

Yes! Every weft is custom colored to get the most natural blend. Something to note is they can only be marked, never lightened and we do this by rooting, low lighting, or toning the extension hair based on your natural hair at your install appointment. The extension hair is then maintained if needed with your maintenance appointments. 

As long as you care for your extensions at home as well as maintaining your maintenance appointments you will love your hair extensions. 

Home care can be viewed here to be sure you are up for that extra commitment.

Short answer: NO, as long as you take care of them! It is extremely important for you to take care of your investment and to read all aftercare and maintenance materials. 

I use Strand of Humanity Hair which is top quality 100% human hair and ethically sourced. I vary between hand-tied hair and machine tied hair depending on your needs and preferences. 

This varies greatly from person to person because of each individuals lifestyle. I would expect your new hair to last 6 months to 1 year. Lighter colors will have to be replaced more often due to the chemical process it has to go through compared to darker colors. You can expect your extension hair to thin over time because unlike natural hair it doesn't replenish itself so it is not uncommon to loose a few inches over its lifespan.

It is extremely important that we match your natural density so you get the most natural look. If you have thick hair naturally, be prepared to need a lot of extension hair to match! For fine hair, it is best we don't overdo it to avoid looking artificial! On average, each row holds 2-3 machine tied wefts (pieces) or 4-6 hand-tied wefts of hair. Length of hair will also play a part on how many wefts we use as longer hair is heavier and we don't want to overload the track. So in some cases we may spread the hair out across more rows.

When it comes to rows If you are looking for just thickness, one row. Two rows are able to give thickness and add length  (the amount of length depends on your natural hair density). Three rows of extensions can give you as much length as your heart desires!

After your first install appointment you will visit the salon every 6-9 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows + your lifestyle. We will remove the extensions entirely, re-bead, and re-sew the extensions back in and trim the hair if necessary. At these appointments you can also color your natural hair if needed or wanted plus freshen the color of your extension hair if needed. You can also add on a scalp scrub or deep conditioning treatments.


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