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Washing + Styling


- Brush your hair before washing. Start at the ends and work your way up making sure you are holding the base of your extensions.

- DO NOT use purple shampoo unless it is very very diluted 

- Use only sulphate free shampoo

- Wash and rinse between each row. Use a clip to get your other hair out of the way and shampoo as many times as needed for a good lather taking care to not rub near the top of your rows. 

- Avoid conditioner and other products near the top of your rows. It can cause beads to slip and buildup to occur.

- Use a deep conditioner (mask) every other wash

- Don't be afraid to do a half wash (only wash the natural hair at the top)


- Apply a leave in conditioner and detangling product on the ends before brushing your freshly washed hair

-DO NOT blow dry your extensions upside down

-Always blow dry the roots even if you let your ends airdry

- do not exceed 400 degrees for heat tools and always apply a heat protectant


- NEVER go to bed with wet hair

- Brush between wefts from roots to ends with wet brush being carful of your row

-sleep with hair in a braid or low only with a silk scrunchie




- It is not recommended to swim with extensions. Risks include matting (irreparable tangling) and discoloration. Blonde extensions will turn peach or orange and it is rarely reversible. If you choose to swim, prep hair by wetting it with clean water and applying a lot of conditioner. Know that you are swimming at your own risk and I cannot guarantee the color or quality of the hair if you swim. This applies to pools, oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. Pull your hair up and try to avoid the water as much as you can. Immediately after swimming, rinse extremely well, shampoo, and use a deep conditioner.


- Chemical sunscreens WILL discolor your extensions The hair will turn peach or orange if it comes in contact with sunscreen. Avoid the use of spray sunscreens. Pull your hair up and avoid any hair rubbing against your body where sunscreen was applied. The discoloration is irreversible and you will need to replace your extensions. Avobenzone is the main ingredient to avoid. Mineral sunscreens like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are safest. Be careful with self tanners as well!

If you don't do anything else, do these things!

- NEVER go to bed with wet hair

- Brush every night and every morning

-sleep with hair in a braid or low only with a silk scrunchie

-Always apply leave in conditioner or hair oil DAILY


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